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My Story


My name is Stephen, my Ancestral name is Xem-Tu-Mus.

I am a member of Kwikwetlem First Nation and I currently live in Surrey, BC.

In late 2018, I came up with a plan to make buying Spirit Bear coffee more accessible for home purchase. I met with the partners of Spirit Bear Coffee Company at their main office and we began an exciting journey together.

During the first 3 months of 2019, I quickly discovered that Stephens' Coffee needs 3 lines of business.

1 line is to provide Wholesale Service for other businesses. (Please contact me for more info).

The 2nd line of business is sell our coffee beans at retail prices, which is why I developed this website.

And the 3rd line of business is to provide coffee service at special functions and large meetings. I use a portable brewer to provide fresh brewed coffee throughout the duration of your service. I use insulated thermos pots to for brewed coffee, which assures that the coffee never overheats and burns. Please contact me for mmore info.

My plans for 2019 is to build a happy customer base making deliveries of this 100% organic coffee to homes and small businesses.

I am looking to participate with local community events, giving opportunities for you to come meet me and pick up your favorite roast (whole bean, ground coffee and k-pods). Please check out our list of events that I will be at (listed on my home page).

Please feel free to reach out to me should you have any questions.